S4Si is a strategic security and risk advisory business, which offers unrivalled political/strategic understanding, niche expertise and specialist experience.

We combine vast public policy and international security experience with extensive and detailed knowledge of prevailing and emerging threats around the world. We build on this knowledge and experience to deliver effective and relevant solutions for our clients. Our team of experts is drawn from the forefront of UK Special Forces, The Metropolitan Police, Intelligence Agencies and Tier 1 Law Firms & Corporates, as well as experts in policy research and analysis. This combination of transferable world class skills and experience gives us the capability and capacity to provide relevant, comprehensive and discreet advice and bespoke training across the spectrum of security. With over 150 years of operational and training experience across the world, S4Si has the requisite knowledge and operational awareness to provide you with solutions that meet your needs. Every security solution we provide is done with the client, for the client.

Our coverage is strategic, operational and tactical. At the national strategic and politico-military level, we offer advice, consultancy and training in the design and implementation of national strategy. As well as the operational currency of our core team, our recruiting pipeline also includes the most highly regarded and operationally proven individuals leaving UK Special Forces, UK Police and other agencies, thus ensuring we are constantly updated with the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.


Nick Bliss